When it is time to write the blog there is always a very real struggle with what you as the readers want to read v.s what you NEED to know. This week, as we have been visiting with our clients, we realize how many people in our community may still not know the VERY REAL dangers and realities pertaining to sex trafficking in our country, state, and city. Taking this time to learn a little bit more about the problem Adamo Nail Bar seeks to bring solutions to will help give a better understanding as to how important your part is in partnering with us to fight this Human trafficking war.

This time last year, Austin Police department sat down with a local new station and gave us a little insight to what they call a “rising problem” in our community especially with “minors of the ages 14-17”. They tell KVUE that what is most shocking to them is that they are “domestics”, meaning children who have been kidnapped from our communities and forced into the sex slave trade. The other victims who make up the sex slave industry are run aways and “throw aways” in our communities. I am curious as to what exactly a “throw away” person is between the age of 14-17. That term should repulse us all. The ages of 14-17 are ages that the children in this country need us most. We need to move from a place of caring just about our own children and open ourselves to protecting those children that were not given the luxury of parents who can provide for and protect them. I am going to attach a video at the end of this post of the news interview that APD did last year on human trafficking and as you watch it I want you to remember that at the time of this video Sex trafficking was said to be on the rise, so I want you to imagine what it has risen to in a year. I want you to remember that somewhere in our city right now there are young girls scared, helpless, trapped, and abused waiting for a miracle. I want you to think about what talents, gifts and resources you have that can make a difference in this fight against sex trafficking, not just in our city but in our country and I want you to imagine one of those girls bring your sister, cousin, friend’s child, or even your own child and I want you to take action. Partner with people in your city and make a difference. Make yourself aware and bring awareness to others on this matter. Together, lets restore those young girls into young ladies who are free, empowered, and changing their world.

As a state we are severely lacking resources for these women, both minor and adult women who are being rescued are in need of shelter, food, training, companionship, counseling, and so much more. There is so much work to be done and we are making a difference with each person that stands up and decides they will no longer sit by idol while our nations daughters sit trapped. You will not find a list of non profits on this blog because I have not come across an organization who is working on exclusively providing for rescued victims of sex trafficking, that is a huge problem! I am continuing to dig through contacts and follow leads to who is actively making a difference right now in the community and I will keep you posted as I develop more credible resources to partner with. Adamo will always post content you can rely on in hopes that we can inspire you into action. 

Here is the story from last year during ATX F1 weekend.