After two months of work, the Airstream trailer we purchased back in late September is empty! Thanks to the dedication from my kick-ass project manager, Katrina Haworth, all of the old molded, infested, and (frankly) disgusting walls and insulation have been removed, leaving nothing but a blank canvas of metal eager for new life.

Clean as a whistle

Clean as a whistle

I find so much beauty and inspiration in this empty, stripped down, future home of Adamo and am honored to be a part of this incredible project. Just a few short months ago , I began using my small talents to help women change their lives, but never did I imagine that I would receive so much support from total strangers. I am truly amazed to see this dream taking shape before my eyes and at every step of this project, I am overwhelmed by the God’s grace.

As a next step, we’re ready for electrical! I am so excited about the incredible response we’ve received from local electricians who are graciously donating their time, as well as other women in the Austin, TX community that have been called to support the Adamo project. One of the many blessings that God has given me through the Adamo project is this opportunity to work with and learn from so many talented individuals across all walks of life. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and passions with Adamo. I can humbly attest that with the support and action each of you are dedicating, we have seen incredible momentum in this project. I also want to thank my family for (at times!) taking a back seat to Adamo, lending a hand where needed, and always cheering us on throughout the process.

At the top of the list of people I could not do this without, I want to give the greatest thank you to is my beautiful project manager (and sister), Katrina Haworth, who is a fearless and unstoppable woman! ! Not only is she working miracles and moving this project along on a modest budget, but she is also teaching me all about the building process as we go along. When we take action on our passions and purposes, we enter through doors that only God can open and no man can close. This experience has proved that to be true. It is humbling, exciting, invigorating, and inspiring not only to all of us on the journey, but to those watching as well! ! While we’re not quite ready to take on our first clients in the trailer and have not yet met our first student who will reap the first fruits of this labor, I am more confident than ever in our calling because of our early success and progress. Thanks again for making this happen, Katrina.

Carrissa Bradford & Katrina Haworth on our first volunteer day!

Carrissa Bradford & Katrina Haworth on our first volunteer day!

As we move into this next phase of restoration, we ask for your support and prayers to help us secure our next mission critical materials. Below is a list of our current needs, in order of importance.


Adamo’s current needs:


Prayers – open doors, financial resources, manpower, and our 501(c)3 status


Wheels and Tires – $600

Brakes – $60

Insulation – $100

Sheet Metal – $200

Volunteers – someone to haul and dispose of the demo remnants

Workspace – a shop, piece of land, or place where we can house the trailer during restoration (We have been working at our storage unit, which is technically not allowed. LOL!)