Have you ever been at your nail appointment and your manicurist is doing all sorts of fun and fancy stuff (like we do here at Adamo) and then she hands you that white scrubbing brush and says “great, go wash…”? You grab your brush, get to the sink, wash your hands like normal and then finish by picking up the brush and cluelessly, lightly swiping your hands a couple of times with the brush, before returning back to the chair to finish getting pampered. There is actually a proper way to “wash” (and scrub) during a nail appointment and here it is. Before sitting down in the chair for your nail appointment you should wash your hands as a courtesy to your manicurist, you should allow your manicurist to slather her lotions, masques, and scrubs on you with relaxed, loose hands and then you should pick up your brush like a pro and “go wash” like this. 

1. Wash your hands with soap and water without the brush

2. Pump one pump of soap onto the scrub brush and scrub your NAIL BEDS really good (underneath your nails and everything).

3. Rinse

4. Towel dry thoroughly  

The whole purpose of washing your hands during an appointment is to scrub away as much of the oil off of your nail beds as possible to ensure the strongest bond between you polish (gel or traditional) and the nail bed. I hope this helps you feel more like a regular. 


Carrissa Bradford

Adamo Nail Bar  

Nail Artist