I have spent many days plotting and planning for today.  The day where the discovery of the purpose for my life would manifest into action. Do you remember where you were when you first first discovered your purpose? We all have one, we were all created for one, do you remember where you were when you first discovered your purpose? I was In my bed, waking up on a Sunday morning, starring out of our third floor bedroom windows at the bright sun and crystal clear blue sky.  Every one who has discovered their purpose has a day where all of the dreaming, researching, and planning begins to take a little more action, this is where the rubber meets the road. The rubber on our band new tires met the road on Saturday when we took our airstream bullet to the restoration shop. It was an exciting and emotional moment for the Adamo Group to see the trailer pulling out of its storage unit where it has been waiting since September, waiting for this moment of rebuilding. Today I was laying in bed at 5am I was starring at my baby, the one I haven’t left much since he was born over a year ago, listening to the rain and preparing emotionally for my first day of training, the instructor training I need to be able to train survivor students. Today after years of preparation the rubber met the road and the road led me to my first day of training. Nuvani institute off William canon in Austin, has opened up this incredible opportunity just for me, and they have opened their doors and have truly welcomed me in. The day is soon approaching where school will be finished and so will the trailer and we will be hitting the road to a neighborhood near you! Thank you for your prayers and support it is truly amazing and inspiring.